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Water Damage

Sump pump failure, hot water tank or many other reasons leave homeowners stressed out and in panic mode. Mid-Ohio Cleaning & Restoration have highly trained professionals to restore Mansfield Ohio-based homes to pre-loss conditions with best-in-class water restoration following the IICRC guidelines! Do not let water issues keep you stressed call in today! 

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Fire/Smoke Damage 

Fire damage goes hand in hand with water. Fire damage can leave your house a disaster as well as leave an odor in your home along with toxic chemicals. A lot of times we can even save your contents! call us today and take the first step to get your house back a relaxing, loving home!

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Mold Remediation

Previous water or other issues can lead to BIG Mold problems down the road, Do not let the mold keep growing in your house call in today to get one of our highly trained professionals to come out and get the stressful mold out of your home today! The mold you see may not seem like that BIG of a deal but it’s what could be hidden behind the walls that will cause issues later!

If you have a flooded basement in Mansfield Ohio or surrounding areas call us today for help! Water damage/ flooded basements need corrected as soon as possible. Within 24 hours of water damage from sump pump failure, flooded basement from rainwater, flooded basement from hot water tank leak, flooded basement from any other internal/external issue Mold can form. You have on average to correct the water damage of around 24-72 hours before mold will start to grow in the area that has water damage/ flooded. A flooded basement is not exciting for anyone but you need to stay calm and call the professional restoration techs at Mid-Ohio Cleaning & Restoration to start on the job as soon as possible to get your home back to pre-loss conditions! Once the water damage/ flooded basement has been cleaned up you will have a 3 day dry out period as well as spray to prevent/ protect you from mold after the water damage/ flooding has been corrected. Mid-Ohio Cleaning & Restoration is family, first responder, and veteran owned, we take pride in all work we do and operate off the Honor, Courage and Commitment mindset. We are in the Mansfield area but service ALL of Ohio for any water damage/ flooded basement needs so CALL TODAY so we can get your house back to how you remember it before the water damage/ flooded basement!


Family, First responder, and Veteran owned!

Best in Class Water damage company in Mansfield and surrounding areas! 

The experienced restoration experts at Mid-Ohio Cleaning & Restoration are IICRC certified and deliver a wide selection of restoration services. We specialize in water, fire, smoke, mold, COVID-19 sanitation, Ohio cleaning experts, pack out and also reconstruction services. We use a range of state-of-the-art equipment to help dry your homes from water damage ext. and meet your restoration needs and get your property back to its pre-damaged state. If your home has experienced any type of water damage such as a flood, busted pipe, sewage backup, it’s essential to hire a water damage restoration expert to get to work quickly. Timing is everything when it comes to these types of disasters. When using our damage restoration services, you can always guarantee that your home will be in the safe hands of experienced professionals. At Mid-Ohio Cleaning and Restoration, we work efficiently with insurance companies for water damage, fire, smoke, and mold as well as home and business owners across the state to restore Mansfield Ohio-based homes to their original pre-damaged state following any water damage or fire that has occurred while offering a friendly shoulder to lean on in your time of crisis. We’re an experienced team and we have managed to restore even the most damaged homes from water damage or fire into beautiful family spaces. We GUARANTEE we can improve your property while also keeping the nature of the disaster at hand. Mid-Ohio Cleaning & Restoration handles everything from a simple pipe burst to a sewage backup and everything in between! Fire damage rebuilds are fast and easy. Our experienced restoration experts will arrive fast and attend to the health and safety of your family and pets! If you need to restore Mansfield, Ohio-based homes or businesses back to their original state, call us today at 419-775-7663 to book our services.


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