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Need Help With Your Cleaning & Restoration Project?

Mid Ohio Cleaning and Restoration is a family owned company with a team of highly trained experts in the cleaning and restoration field. All of our team members undergo many hours of schooling to be certified with the IICRC. Mid-Ohio Cleaning & Restoration is a IICRC certified firm. Contact us to see how we can help you today!

The Mid Ohio Cleaning Process?

Our Mansfield cleaning service follows a structured method:

1. Call us

If you want to discuss your cleaning requirements or simply hire us for a cleaning job, call us on 419-775-7663 or fill the contact us form on our website. We will guide you!

2. A Mid Ohio Team Member Visits Your Place

This is necessary so they can estimate the work that needs to be done, the tools that need to be used, so we can calculate the amount of time and number of people it would take to complete the task. This will help us give you a final price quote for the cleaning service in Mansfield, Ohio.

3. Enjoy the Results!

Mid Ohio Cleaning and Restoration delivers you excellent cleaning results. Our clients are satisfied with our top-notch service quality. We leave your premises spotless, having a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

In addition to cleaning, we also provide restoration services such as: Water Damage Cleanup, Fire & Smoke Remediation, Mold Remediation, Basement Waterproofing. Review the following links for more details!

Mid Ohio Restores After Smoke/Fire Damages

People who have faced fire damage to their property know just how destructive it gets. It not only destroys all the material but also leaves a lingering smoky odor that settles into what’s left of your house. The upside is that a lot of the items can still be salvaged! Call us on 419-775-7663 to learn what you can save!

Mold Remediation 

Mold mostly develops after people experience some water issues, as it needs a damp/highly humid environment to survive and grow within. If you have noticed any mold growing around your house, you need to call Mid Ohio Cleaning and Restoration today to have an expert reach you ASAP! It may not seem like a big deal but wait till it permeates through your walls – you’d have to replace layers!

We Also Provide Water Damage Cleanup Across Ohio

Usually homeowners get stressed out and panicked when their hot water tank starts leaking. The Mid Ohio Cleaning and Restoration team has thoroughly trained restoration experts that make the necessary repairs in as less time as possible! Leave your water problems in the hands of our restoration professionals.

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