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Mansfield, OH
Water Damage Restoration

Anybody can face water-related emergencies, at any time. You may face it in the form of a sewer backup, appliance failure, sink or toilet overflow, or a burst pipe. These emergencies require immediate help. That’s why you need a good restoration company to recover from water damage. That’s where Mid Ohio Cleaning and Restoration comes in. For several years, we have been providing relief from water damage. Cleveland Ohio, Mansfield Ohio, and Columbus Ohio are just some of the larger cities where we have several happy clients.

 You need professional, trained, and experienced water damage recovery experts who can pick the mess apart and distinguish contents that can be salvaged from those that can’t. Mid Ohio Cleaning and Restoration have IICRC-certified water damage recovery experts who are available round the clock to handle all your emergencies. 


Our water damage recovery team will extract the sewage contents, professionally clean the affected area, and then ventilate and dry it. Once it is dried, it will also be disinfected to ensure hygiene is maintained and bacteria gets killed, and mold or other microorganisms don’t grow and risk both your health and property.

Our water damage restoration service has team members who calculate the bill of the damage and send it to your insurance company, making the recovery process easier for you during a time of distress.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Ohio

It’s impossible to predict a water disaster before it happens. However, some cities are more prone to natural disasters or have faulty plumbing that is unable to stand the damage of flooding and other problems. In Ohio, you can take steps to help yourself handle the situation better:

  • Detect the flood-related damage risk early by installing a flood alarm

  • Inspect appliance connections, water shutoff, and pipes as well as hoses on a routine basis for leaks and wear and tear

  • Call Mid-Ohio cleaning & restoration to reach our 24/7 disaster recovery experts.


If you need reliable water damage restoration in Cleveland, Mansfield, Columbus Ohio, or anywhere else in Ohio, call us today at 419-775-7663. Mid-Ohio Cleaning and Restoration Experts are available 24/7!

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