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Mansfield, Ohio Mold Remediation

Mid-Ohio Cleaning and Restoration has been providing restoration services across Ohio for a while. We are an IICRC-certified company providing mold remediation in Mansfield, Ohio, among other restoration services that include water and fire damage restoration. Our restoration experts are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to help get rid of that nasty mold in your home. But you must be wondering why you need to get it removed or remediated in the first place?


Why You Need Mold Remediation
in Mansfield, Ohio

There are several reasons. A lot of people tend to initially take mold growth lightly, at first glance, when they come across it, thinking it’s harmless. But it’s not.

Mold is basically fungus growing in your home. The spores that mold ejects into the air are microscopic, making it worse, as you can’t see it growing it as much as you can feel it. It is worse for people who already have allergic rhinitis or asthma, as mold triggers asthmatic troubles in the common person; you can only imagine the damage it would do to a sensitive one.

When you try to get your home sold off, your property value also depreciates if you’re trying to sell it off without getting the mold treated. That’s another good reason why you need a reputable company offering mold remediation in Mansfield, Ohio.

The Mold Remediation Process

The steps we follow to provide mold remediation in Mansfield are:

  1. Using a disinfectant chemical to kill and remove the mold. Our experts are careful with it.

  2. Using Epoxy wall coating to further the remediation process by protecting the wall. It won’t blister or peel and is washable too.

  3. Dehumidifying your space – this is critical as mold needs a humid atmosphere to grow. That’s why it’s critical to first get it dehumidified by experts, then subscribe to a routine dehumidification service to ensure the mold does not return.


Mold removal and remediation are different. Remediation goes a bit deeper and is required specifically when mold has permeated across a surface like a wall. Figuring out which one you need may be tricky and is best done by an expert. Mid-Ohio Cleaning and Restoration has experts who have been providing mold remediation in Mansfield, Ohio for several years, making them experienced. Call us at 419-775-7663 now to get a FREE inspection!

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