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Ohio Bird Sanctuary


Why you should visit Ohio Bird Sanctuary

Taking time to explore wildlife will help you learn about a lot of important things. For instance, getting to know the different habitats of various animals can help us understand how to conserve the environment as a whole and ensure survival of the ecosystem. Thus, there are places reserved for the sole purpose of caring for wildlife. Ohio Bird Sanctuary (OBS) is one such place. It is open to members of the public at a small fee that goes to maintenance of the sanctuary. Here are a few reasons why you should consider visiting this place.

  • You get to interact with wildlife

As opposed to places where you have to view the animals behind fences or glass walls, here you will get the chance to see the birds in open sight and even interact with them. For just 25 cents, you can buy a container of food and feed them directly. This one-on-one interaction gives you the chance to get a clear view and even have someone take a nice photo. Besides that, there are hiking trails that are perfectly suited for nature walks. The water, vegetation, and sightings offer a beautiful scenery that you can enjoy on your own or with a group of people.

  • It is an informative experience

You will learn new things along the way on your guided trip. They also offer programs that one can enroll in to learn and get in-depth understanding of this part of wildlife. Such programs tend to benefit kids a lot not only in their schoolwork but also for teaching them about environmental conservation.

  •  It is a good way to relax

Taking a casual nature walk in such an environment is very relaxing. This is so, especially, if you are living in the city where there is a lot of noise and pollution. It will do you good to get out there once in a while and just enjoy nature.



Ohio Bird Sanctuary is a lovely place for bird viewing. You get to interact with them closely and learn a lot of new information. If you were wondering where to take your kids for a fun and informative field trip experience, then this would be a great idea. You can also have them enrolled in the various programs being offered.

All of us at Mid-Ohio Cleaning & Restoration have enjoyed everything the Oho Bird Sanctuary has to offer. We encourage you to visit them when in Mansfield!

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