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The Blueberry Patch


What you ought to know about The Blueberry Patch, Mansfield, OH

We all know of the health benefits that fruits possess. They are great sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to mention but a few. Blueberry is one such fruit that is rich in nutrients. It also has a delicious taste, hence it is common to find it being used for flavoring purposes. Visiting The Blueberry Patch will have you learning a lot about this great fruit and give you a chance to enjoy the pleasant taste. Here is what you should know about the place.

  • You will get to tour the farm

Being the largest in Ohio, it only seems fair that you get to tour the plantation when you visit this place. You will learn about how they are grown, harvested and even have a taste. If you happen to visit after the picking season is over don’t worry, you can still enjoy some finished products like donuts, muffins, and wine.

  • There is a nice café within

This is the perfect place to get a taste of the foodstuffs. They never run out of freshly baked pastries. There is also a long list of beverages to go with. The fact that it is built within a greenhouse gives it a lovely ambience.

  •  You will find a gift shop

The shop has a wide variety of goods that will ensure you don’t go home empty-handed. From simple items such as gift cards, candles, and foodstuffs to more sophisticated ones like jewelry, there is something for everyone.

  • There is a winery

This is a great place to relax a bit after touring other parts of the plantation. The wine is wonderfully crafted to give an authentic and refreshing taste that you will appreciate. The wooden interior of the winery gives it a classic touch that adds to its appeal.


The farm has a lot to offer. A day at the plantation will leave you full of knowledge and some good food. You will learn how blueberries are grown and afterwards you can enjoy the delicious meals made from them. Besides that, there is a gift shop where you can buy beautiful jewelry, scented candles, gift cards, gardening accessories and much more. There is also a nice winery where you can enjoy great wine and carry a bottle or two with you.

We love blueberries at Mid-Ohio Cleaning & Restoration! Make sure you visit the Patch when visiting the Mansfield area.

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